Black Flag

by Gulag

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A new Black Metal style


released January 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Gulag São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Black Flag
Our glory is fading to nothing
but we don't give up
Brothers born and die as one
When they are tired of go

shopping, that's the reason I live
That's the reason a
True red warrior seek
for a

Fight, an anarchist must fight
Our fraternity is not dead
I don't want to let the light
walk away to buy

So deadly

That's the reason a true warrior
seek for a fight
Track Name: Pigs
All the deadly and sober minds
walk upon lucky times
In search of gold
Locked behind a soul that have been sold

Almost compulsive they cut their wrists
bathed in dark purple blood
where all the pigs at the mud
run to feed their vengeance

at least, life is not eternal
Track Name: Darkened Hope
I asked your name While my child was crying
Hunger kills so slowly, I'd prefer blow my head with fire.

I ran so fast, I ran from the problems of my past
From women, from desires. Free me, please

I'm a waste of time, a criminal
My crime was life, was spiritual
Hope is for fools, not for me
I will never wait for the end, my end is near

Raise my fingers, pull my trigger
I wasn't strong, i wasn't a sinner
but life aways plays tricks on me
tricks that i used to feed

I'm so unhappy, so unhappy, unhappy
Track Name: Red Blotchy Wall
I was alive but I lied
Cause the way she come to me wasn't real
And I'm lost with her
Cause she makes me feel

Nothing is perfect, neither do I
I'm just lonely at my own, I'm not Strong
But it teases me
The way I came from the underground

The shattered years wich I passed
The Jesus Cross, the blood I asked

I was alive but I lied
Track Name: To Born
Rest upon my head
This dark days are so sad
but they have been all my life
The only day that will be happy is when i die

All he said is that he need some fresh air
All he said is that he need to feel her hair
Letargy of Devil we are but this wound will never share

I tried to get all the pieces back
but it was too late, i feel a dirty pain on my neck
That pain took all my love away
took it day by day

Rest upon my head
This dark days are so sad
but they have been all my life
The only day that will be happy is when i die

Cruel is the world
I never wanted to born
Take off my crowd
Take off my soul